5 Ways to Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad

Well, apple iPhone and iPad users who are music lovers generally face the problem of downloading their perfect playlists. Here we suggest you some ways you can download music that too for free for on your iPhone and iPad. So to make your research easy we have brain stormed 5 Ways to Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad. Check them out in this post!


1. Readdle’s  Documents

5 Ways to Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad Tip One!
The easiest tool to download music and video from  the web and stream it on your iPhone or iPad is by downloading the Documents by Readdle app. It’s a multifunctional app that gives you access to built-in browser, downloader, file manager and its own media player.


In case you skip about the Music app and the video app existing on the iPhone, Documents will give prompt reminders on its own! So you don’t hassle to download Music and Video on iPhone and iPad.

Just login to the web portal in Documents and click on the download button. You can also decide the source location of the file, that is where to save the file. As it gets downloaded, with a click on the downloaded file it gets started. A really amazing thing is that Documents will play most audio and video formats that the app approves of. Also, you can share it to multiple apps like VLC too.

Did you know with Documents you can easily transfer your files from a PC or Mac Operating System. If you want to share music and video files from your friend’s PC or for your own MacBook, all you need to verify is that you are connected to the same network and then go to and simply scan the QR code that prompts up.

Gone are the days when you needed to install iTunes or connect a Lightning cable to transfer the files. Now just go and select files on your system and they will easily share them with your iPhone or iPad connected on the same network!


2. Shortcuts App

If you’ve felt hamstrung by the limitations of iOS, the new Shortcuts app is going to feel like a god-sent. It’s Apple’s own user automation app for iOS 12. Using it you can do things that you just can’t do using apps on the App Store. You can run complex automation workflows where multiple actions run one after the other, automatically.

5 Ways to Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad Effective Tip number Two

However, one thing you can likewise run client made easy routes. One alternate route called Video Downloader essentially lets you download videos from practically any significant site. This incorporates Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitter as on.There’s likewise an alternate route called YouTube Ripper. It will give you the choice to download only the sound from the video document. In the two alternate ways, you should simply open the video, share it, select Shortcuts and run the easy route. . Once the video or audio has been downloaded, you can choose where to store it (in iCloud Drive or Dropbox), or even place it in an app like VLC or Documents.

3. VLC

5 Ways to Download Music and Video Cool Tip number Three

While VLC doesn’t have a downloader built-in, its WiFi Transfer and media server tools are quite exquisite. Open the sidebar and tap on the Wi-Fi Transfer option to turn it on. Then enter the address in the browser on your PC or Mac. Then select the files to transfer and wait while they get copied over wirelessly.

If you’re running a Plex server or a DLNA server, you don’t need to transfer anything either. Just connect to the server and start streaming from the server instantly.


4. Download From Streaming Apps

5 Ways to Download Music and Videos on iPhone and iPad Awesome Tip number Four

Regardless of which app you’re using, most well known servers offer a new amusing offline feature to make things easy for you now. Although, not all media can be downloaded along these lines, most films and TV shows can. In applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc, you’ll discover a download button.

Similarly it goes for music streaming apps like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora. In case you’re paying for the premium plan offered by the service, you can download any music file for offline playback! So open your most loved application and simply search for the download button.


5. Cloud Music Player
5 Ways to Download Music and Video Super Tip number Three

Why pay $10 per month for Apple Music or Spotify on the off chance that you’ve just got your own musical gallary saga on your PC. So interestingly, TThere’s a method to transform your music into a streaming app using a cloud syncing it your Dropbox or Google Drive account!

Simply transfer the music on Dropbox or Google Drive and download the Cloud Music Player application on your iPhone or iPad.. Once you connect your cloud storage account with the app, its all sorted. Congratulations! All the music is presently accessible  to stream on your iPhone or iPad, just when you need it. Also the best part is no need to pay the hefty subscription charges.

Also, indeed,  you can download the music to be available offline. This can be done by using Wi-Fi Transfer feature to sync music to Cloud Music Player on the off chance that you don’t have space on your cloud account.

A Bonus Tip: 5 Ways to Download Music and Video Easy Tricks

Try Using iCloud Drive and Files App

In case you have purchased for the excellent  premium version of iCloud Drive and you have space left in the cloud drive, all you can do is to upload the music or videos to iCloud Drive itself. Through this they’ll be accessible in the Finder app on you Mac and on the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

Recently, Files is a new app by Apple on your iPhone or iPad. Not a well known app yet  but it’s already on your iPhone or iPad. Just click on it and you’ll find your iCloud Drive files just there. Tap on a file to load it. All you need to do is Tap on a document to stack it. Tap it again and it will begin playing in that spot in the Files application.

How Can You Manage Media On Your iPhone or iPad?

How Do You Manage Media On Your iPhone or iPad?

Do you think while traveling to keep your music, videos, films collection on your iPhone or iPad? Do you load up your iPad with motion pictures before going on a long outing?

Or then again have you quit doing all that and you just use streaming services and offline feature to save media offline temporarily? Share your tricks with us in the comments below.

What is Your Alternate Methods?

What are some of your style methods to download free music and Videos on your iPhone or iPad? Do share them with us! Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below. Hope you found this post useful!

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