A week after its release, Jiomeet launched and revealed 6 features and enhancements

In May 2020, Reliance Jio announced the launch of a video conferencing App, and finally on Thursday, i.e., Jul 3, launched ‘JioMeet’ which took over other video conferencing Apps. Jio Meet on Tuesday secured the app with 6  additional features and enhancements.


PTI reported that the features have been updated in order to prevent cyber attacks like the ones that happened on Zoom. On Zoom hackers had posted obscene pictures on the screens.


JioMeet comes with free encrypted and password-protected video conferences lasting up to 24 hours. The App has added an extra safety feature which allows the host of the conference to stop guests from joining the meeting without signing in and disclosing their identity.

According to the company sources, as quoted by PTI, the feature was added especially due to reports of obscene images that appeared on screens of Zoom users while an online class was being conducted.


Six New Features/Enhancements

In the very first week after launching, JioMeet unveiled six features and enhancements namely-

  1. New functionalities for enterprise customers that will prevent hackers from entering a conference.
  2. Jio Meet introduced personal meeting rooms with the feature to set one’s own password to facilitate recurring meetings such as school classes and daily meetings.
  3. The new feature offers a JioMeet user to enlarge and pin a meeting participant. This can be done by double-clicking the participant video.
  4. The new feature also unveiled traditional video conferencing solutions used by enterprise customers for collaboration across multiple offices from fixed locations
  5. Enterprise users are now able to search and conference with other colleagues without exiting from the main conference.
  6. Also, in this refreshed version, JioMeet has refreshed the user interface and look.

The new feature app is only available on Google’s Play Store. It will be shortly available on iOS, the company said.

JioMeet offers HD audio and video call quality with up to 100 participants at a time and comes up with several features including screen sharing, meeting schedule features, and more.

Jiomeet v/s Zoom

  1. Unlike Zoom, Jiomeet does not impose a 40-minute time limit. In Jiomeet, calls can continue for as long as 24 hours.
  2. Jiomeet allows conferences with participants only from the host’s organization.
  3. A JioMeet user can switch from one device to another without cutting the call.
  4. Zoom allows sign up only with e-mail ID while JioMeet allows sign up with both e-mail ID and mobile number.
  5. During a call, the Zoom app shows only four participants at a time on a single phone screen whereas JioMeet allows nine active participants at a time on a single


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