Apple iOS14: 5 features that you will really like

Apple iOS14

Apple iOS14 is the latest update to the Apple’s Mobile operating system, a tradition that will bring new features to  iPhone and iPad and a fresh features to the older models as well.


On Tuesday, Apple holds its annual product reveal in a virtual demo, from its corporate campus in Cupertino, where it is expected to show off its new version of iPad and Apple watches and present some new features of iOS14.


This year, ofcourse due to pandemic, Apple iPhone launch event is delayed to October. For iPhone new model Apple will be organising a separate event and hence, more features of iOS14 will be discussed there.

Some of the features that iOS14 will include:

Android clones

If you are an android phone fan or user, you know that you can customise your home screen with the widget feature. You can decide whether you want to see a clock there or news headlines or weather news.

Now, you can do it on iOS14 also, by swiping left to the home screen and click the edit button to add to the experience.

App Library

Some people have lots of apps in their phones and they do not put a little effort to organise them in a folder. So, if you have lots of apps, then there is a option of losing the track of apps.

Hence, this year Apple has provided a feature of automatic bundling of similar apps such as categories for entertainment, social, utilities, “reading,” health and other, It will be automatic feature, so, there can be chances you don’t like them. Thus, you can also choose to organise them manually.

Compact Calls

How, irritating is that when a call comes and take over all of your screen. But now, Apple has introduced new feature and for people, especially who likes to talk on speaker, call will take only a small percentage of the screen and you will get to see more of your iPhone.


The personal assistant Siri, which debuted in the year 2011, is more smarter now. It specifically says over 20 times more facts than three years ago. It is now more smarter and chatier.


Apple has made changes in its maps also. This year Apple’s Maps get two new useful features. It has got a brand new cycling feature which will benefit many local users. Secondly, Apple is offering Guides to the cities like New York, San Francisco and London with tips on what to do when visiting.


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