Facebook to ‘Remove or Restrict Access’ to Any Content, Users Protests on this move


Facebook: They have come up with a new update and under this, the company could “remove or restrict access” to any content to avoid legal or regulatory risks for Facebook.


Earlier the company had provided free speech support on its platform and this latest update of “remove or restrict access” is in contrast with its previous step.


What Happened?

This latest update will come in force from 1st October 2020. However, on Tuesday, several Facebook users like Australia, India, and the US received the notification of this new update on their respective Facebook app.

The notification read as follows: –

“We also can remove or restrict access to your content, services, or information if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts on Facebook.”

Remove or Restrict Access

This step is taken by the company amid the ongoing pressure imposed by various worldwide governments on several social media companies to monitor content floating on their platforms and also just after the company showed its intentions to block Australian people and news agencies from sharing news on its platform.

People are Protesting

Facebook users are opposing these new changes by the company on social media as these new changes in the norms may lead to the filtration and censoring of contents on the platform. It also gives rights to the company to pull out any content that breaches its guidelines.

A user under the name Meenal took it to Twitter and wrote: “A friend was sent this message from Facebook. They are tightening up on the censorship from next month. Shouldn’t we as adults decide what we want to read??

Will, they put this much effort to get rid of pedo accounts too??”

Another user under the name Cleo Tweeted: “Did you see the new Facebook terms of service? Smells like Election interference and censorship to me!”

People from all across the globe are protesting against this step by the social media giant.

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