How To Use Siri Voice On Tiktok – Step By Step Explanation

Siri Voice on TikTok: The lockdown did not mean locking the creative spirit of the people. This came out in various ways on TikTok. People are able to find fun and creative ways to vent their boredom on this platform.


This meant coming out with new features and TikTok introduced something known as Siri Voice. The Apple users know what Siri is and are used to it. It’s basically your voice assistant which comes in handy and can make calls, schedule your calendar etc.


The point behind Siri Voice was to make the app more accessible to people. It allowed for people to listen to the text, which came on the screen. But, little did people realise the potential of this technology.

Siri Voice on TikTok: Step by Step Explanation

The new feature is actually very easy to use and understand.

Step 1: Make a video of your choice with style you want to present.

Step 2: Once done, tap the red checkmark on the bottom right of your screen and it will open a text box.

Step 3: Click on the text box and type the text of your choice.

Step 4: Now, once you’re fine with the text you just entered, click on the text itself and select the voice option.

Step 5: Now, once you’re done with these steps, the Siri voice will automatically read the text once people see your video.

Siri Voice on TikTok: People’s reaction

It is no surprise that people are absolutely loving this new feature. The fans are taking it to Twitter to praise the new feature and calling it revolutionary. Many people also ended up saying that this was the best feature to be introduced along all apps in 2021. These comments on the Siri Voice means only one thing: that this feature is going anywhere any time soon. This is because the people are obsessed with it.

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