Pirating a movie: What it means and how it’s done

According to Cambridge dictionary, pirated is used to describe software, films, recordings, etc. that have been illegally copied to be sold at much cheaper prices. Basically, if any type of content such as movies, series, TV show, music, videos, games, or a book is shared illegally with a large audience without the approval of the owner(s) of that particular content- then it is termed as piracy. Furthermore, piracy is known by a lot of names with the same meaning. Online piracy, digital piracy, internet piracy is some of the diverse names of piracy that have identical meaning.



Over the years, piracy has become a big issue in show business. It is quite literally the prime rival of the content-creating industry as it causes huge losses for them in different ways. As per the latest data records, piracy of movies, series and other content has caused a loss of over $15 billion to the production houses. These numbers are getting even bigger as the time passes. People have tried to report some sites to cut down their losses which resulted in a lot of strict laws being made and implemented globally to stop piracy. But even then, a lot of piracy is taking place all around the world.

Contrary to how it sounds, pirating content is actually very easy. Which is probably the reason why it’s done so much. One of the easiest and most frequent cause of piracy is by film industry insiders. These people can be anyone from the staff as they have access to the whole original content. They generally give it away just for a few bucks as to them, its easy money. Another way of piracy is recording movies in the theatre. While this one may be a bit low quality, it still sells enough to get the perpetrator a bit of money.

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