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Top 5 Podcast Mics: Recently, during lockdown people have discovered their new hobbies and likes! In which doing Podcasts is an all-new hit choice. Although the most important factor here is the audio quality should be the best. This will not just help you attract the audience but also will make you sound more clear and powerful. For this, you need to select the best Podcast Mic.


Are you someone who is really interested to give your voice the power to connect with the audience through your amazing podcasts? I am sure you are at the right place then.


Here we are to give you the suggestions on what can exactly be the best buy for you, considering every aspect which includes budget, sound quality and most importantly considering your need and experience level!

List of Top 5 Best Podcast Mics:

  1. Blue Microphones: Yeti USB Microphone

     No doubt Blue Yeti is one of the most popular microphones used by YouTubers, Gamers as well as Podcast Creators and a lot more people. This product is highly versatile. It is made to work directly by plugging in the USB to your PC. This can be done very easily without any additional tools required. Which makes them great for use!

It has a Tri-capsule array which can record all kinds of sound in various occasions. The feature of multiple pattern selector makes it an ideal choice. 
The not to miss Features of the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone include:

Its Plug and play due to USB connectivity makes it really easy to use this mic, It also has Mute button and earphone wire output available.
It has the signal to noise by 100dB, which is quite efficient. Along with this you get Sturdy stand to keep it stable while using it.


What  Are the Things We Like about this microphone?

It is highly suitable for vocals, voice overs, musical instruments, and other equipment used while recording. The thing I really appreciate about this microphone is the recording quality is quite impressive and apart from this you get pretty much all adjustments. Although despite all things what can be the problem with this mic is Built Quality seems poor and it feels less durable for the long term.

It comes at a price of 11,999. You can Buy From Amazon.


2. MXL Mics 770 Condenser Cardioid Microphone

It has somewhat the same price to our top pick but better-built quality and durability makes it one of the great choices. This microphone comes in dark metallic finish which makes it look very stylish. It has 6-micron and even low distortion diaphragms. To make things really easy for you it has a preamp with balanced output, that gives you a clean recording.
The Switchable bass cut helps us to record with  great smoothness which is because the -10db pad lets you eliminate extra base.

This is a great choice for podcasters as well as musicians to record the complete audio without any hindrance. . However, a disadvantage is that you have to install the suitable driver for this microphone.

The not to miss Features of MXL Mics 770 Condenser Cardioid Microphone include:

It has unique MXL sonic characteristics and it offers you switchable bass cut for -10db.
It has Shock mount and rugged carrying case for neat recordings and is condenser mic giving high quality audio with Gold-sputtered.


What  Are the Things We Like about this microphone?


It easily records almost everything and can be used for a variety of purposes such as music, instrument or podcasts. It gives you a crisp sound by letting you adjust the bass. This automatically gets lots of detail using this mic. It completely eliminates the noise because of the Shock mount.

Although, apart from installing additional drives what we dislike is this mic doesn’t offer you a warranty once you buy it from Amazon store.

3. Blue Microphones: Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Another model from Blue microphone in our list is because they are extremely cheap microphone and also as it is reliable enough to provide the best audio quality making it our top recommendation for you to go on with your podcast. 

It is Mainly designed for basic work like Podcasts, Online Gaming, doing video calls, YouTube Streaming, Playing MOBA and recording instruments.

Also a good part about this mic is although it is not meant for music recordings you can find it helpful while recording music as well. It has a frequency response between 40 –18 kHz . This feature makes it easy for you to record music and vocals with ease.

The not to miss Features of Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone include:

It has a plug and play feature in-built for better usability and it Comes with a desktop stand as well as a USB cable to make it connect to your system easily.

What  Are the Things We Like about this microphone?


It is Easy to use with plug and play features which is a great thing for beginers.
It is good for all the basic works as we already told you and seems very versatile,
Which gives you a crystal clear  sound recording, in a satisfactory price of Rs 12,000.

Although what we dislike is the structure which makes it feel poor in hand as it uses cheap quality plastic. Although for podcasts you may not mind using it. You can buy it From Amazon.

4. Powerpak BM-700 Professional Large Diaphragm Studio Recording Microphone

This is A mic with an affordable price and has got great reviews. The manufacturer of  Powerpak BM-700 calls it a professional microphone. Although we consider it a normal mic as others, since it too has a few limitations, yet in this price it is the best buy.It has a large diaphragm to catch sound easily and is a condenser microphone.


While sometimes it gets you great recordings but in some cases it can be  a bit distorted as well. If you go beyond higher frequency, the sound will distort due to the large diaphragm It’s Available in Plenty of colour choices making it a good deal for basic purposes like streaming, podcasting and narration of any video.

The not to miss Features of Powerpak BM-700 Professional Large Diaphragm Studio Recording Microphone

While you can easily use it with your PC it makes them really convenient. It also has a metal microphone shock mount with an anti-wind foam cap.


What  Are the Things We Like about this microphone?

It can record highly sharp sounds with lower grain and It also eliminates the noise of air.

What makes it great is it comes at a nominal price and even makes it cheaper than buying a dynamic mic.


Although what we Didn’t Like about this mic is it Can’t be used with a laptop due to the lower power supply. In order to do so it will need additional tools which can cost as much as the cost of mic. You can Buy this From Amazon.

 5. Nady RSM-4 Unique Style Ribbon Microphone

If we think of a mic that has both high-end quality and fits in the budget it will be  Nady RSM-4 Unique Style Ribbon Microphone. This Stylish ribbon microphone is manufactured by Nady is a US based company. Hence this microphone is has a higher frequency response rate that gives you advantage to record higher pitches.

It is specially designed for podcasts, vocals, guitars and other instrument recordings.

The not to miss Features of Nady RSM-4 Unique Style Ribbon Microphone

It comes in a very convenient packaging  of soft pouch to avoid any scratches. Its weight is 340 grams, that makes it easy to hold.It also has inbuilt shock resistors to eliminate noise.


What  Are the Things We Like about this microphone?


It has an extremely nice sound quality for different frequencies. The design is really convenient so that you enjoy doing your podcasts and recordings. Al.though if your podcasts require vocals it might not be the best choice.  You can Buy this From Amazon.

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