Austria shuts down a mosque & an association after Vienna terror attack

Austria shuts down mosque

After a terror attack in Vienna earlier this week, the Austrian authorities have shut down a mosque and an Islamic association in the city that were allegedly linked with the attacker who killed four people in the attack.


What happened?

The Austrian authorities have shut down two places of worship in the city that were allegedly linked with the 20-year-old attacker who attacked Vienna. One mosque and the other was an Islamic association.  The mosque named the  Tewhid Mosque was registered under the Austrian law while the Islamic association named the Melit Ibrahim Association was operated as a mosque.


But Why?

The authorities informed on Friday that both of these places were frequented by the 20-year-old gunman who opened fire in Vienna earlier this week. However, the attacker was shot dead by the Austrian police.

As per the local Austrian media, the decision to close these places came after Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Integration Minister Susanne Raab had a meeting with the president of Austria’s Islamic Faith Community.

Vienna terror attack
Vienna terror attack


What did the Austrian authorities say?

Austria’s Interior Minister, Karl Nehammer, called this act of closure an “important step” against all those factors who try to take advantage of the rule of law in Austria.

At the same time, Austria’s Integration Minister Susanne Raab said: “The 20-year-old gunman had frequented both the places, the mosque and the association, and the closure decision was made in the name of national security as the two institutions had been found not to hold a positive attitude toward society and the state as mandated in Austria’s so-called Islam Law.

However, Susanne Raab made it clear that this closure is not something done by the country to attack Islam or Muslims.

“The goal of terrorism is to drive a wedge into our society — between Muslims and non-Muslims,” Raab added.


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