What Makes Auto Freak Different From Rest Of Automobile Portal, Anoj Kumar Explains

The exponential growth of the internet user has changed the way the world works. Nowadays, people rely on the internet for almost everything. This has also led to several opportunities for digital marketers and content creators. Several people are earning big with their innovative ideas. However, making big on the digital platform is no cakewalk. The creators and entrepreneurs have to strike a chord with the audience to succeed. Today, we are talking about Anoj Kumar who is reaching millions of people with his automobile review portal Autofreak.com.


Anoj Kumar founded Auto Freak under his banner Shaurya Infosoft Private Limited a few years back. His accurate and genuine review of cars and bikes allowed him to reach out to several car enthusiasts. People soon started visiting his portal helping it in garnering huge traffic. The Facebook page of Auto Freak holds more than 2.7 million followers making it the second-largest automobile web portal in the country.


On being asked about what transpired him to create Autofreak.com, Anoj Kumar said, “When a customer looking for cars or bikes they read many reviews and comparison articles online about it because it involves a good amount of money and some people spend their whole saving in buying it. The motto behind Autofreak is to provide genuine and authentic reviews and details about cars and bikes which help them in decision making. Research in 2016 says, 70% of buyers read at least one online review before deciding to buy a car.”

If we compare Autofreak.com with all other review portals, the team of experts involved in this project makes it one of the most trusted web portals when it comes to reviewing cars and bikes. The experts examine all the aspects of a car or bike from several other manufactures. They offer their insight on all the latest cars and bikes available in the market with utmost accuracy. The people visiting this portal get a clear vision when they watch the review of their favorite car or bike. It allows them to make a good decision when it comes to buying a car or bike after all they put lots of hard-earned money in this.