COVID-19 vaccine: Johnson & Johnson to enrol 60,000 for Phase III trial, biggest in the world

Johnson & Johnson is all set to take its COVID-19 vaccine in the late-stage trial. The trials are scheduled in September with 60,000 people worldwide. This will be the largest clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine to date.


This enrollment of the volunteers, as mentioned on the government’s database and also confirmed by the company, is almost double in size when compared with the size of enrollments of other pivotal studies.


However, it remains unclear why Johnson & Johnson is planning for such a huge late-stage trial.

According to a report in Reuters, the final trial of the vaccine will be conducted in 180 sites across the U.S and other countries including Brazil and Mexico. Johnson & Johnson is making the use of epidemiological data in order to decide where the studies should take place, the final decision will come soon.

Commenting, on this step, J&J spokesperson said “Our Phase 3 program is intended to be as robust as possible, could include up to 60,000 participants and will be conducted in places with high incidence rates.”

COVID-19 vaccine

At the same time, Britain stated that they are looking for buying potential COVID-19 vaccines from J&J. Under the agreement, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutica unit will supply Britain with its candidate, known as Ad26.COV2.S

Some other vaccines hitting the late-stage trial

Public health officials and infectious disease experts say that the world needs an entire arrangement of drugs and vaccines to fight against the coronavirus.

There is good news coming from different parts of the world, Anvisa, Brazil’s health regulator also announced that it had approved the stage III clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine developed by Janssen. Janssen is a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson and it is the fourth vaccine that received approval for human trials in Brazil.

At the same time, other vaccine makers Moderna Inc and Pfizer are targeting 30,000 people for their late-stage trials and studies.


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