DRDO has provided its indigenously-developed drone – BHARAT

The Defence Research and Development Organisation ( DRDO ) has successfully provided its first-ever indigenously-developed drone – BHARAT to the Indian Army. Bharat is an unmanned aerial vehicle means it does not need any staff or crew for operation. It aims to help the Indian army with exact surveillance in the higher altitude areas and mountainous regions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

Accurate surveillance along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was the demand of the situation due to the ongoing tensions between India and China in Eastern Ladakh. China’s stubborn behavior and reluctance to disengagement in eastern Ladakh criticized by many countries across the globe such as the United States, Britain, and Japan, and the development of the drone amid such a situation will build some sort of pressure on China.

DRDO stated – “This small yet powerful drone works autonomously at any location with great accuracy. The unibody biomimetic design with advance release technology is a lethal combination for surveillance missions.”


All these Bharat series of drones are developed in a Chandigarh based laboratory of the DRDO. As per the experts, Bharat drones stand to be the “world’s most agile and lightest surveillance systems.” They are capable of surviving in extremely cold conditions like that of the Himalayan region. These drones can also help the army by providing real-time video transmission during an important mission.

Bharat Drones are also equipped with Night vision and Artificial intelligence. AI will help in the detection of humans hiding deep inside the forest and in differentiation between friends and foes. While Night vision mode will help in the detection of enemies round the clock.

The drone has an inbuilt design which makes it almost impossible to get detected by any radar.

About DRDO

The Defence Research and Development Organisation mainly fulfills the requirements of the Indian armed forces by developing and manufacturing defense technologies, systems, and products. Currently, it is being chaired by Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy.

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