Experts Warn of Potential Increase in COVID-19 and other Infections in Winter

Winter COVID-19

India reported its first confirmed case of COVID 19 in Kerala on January 30 and there were ripe speculations that the summer of India would inhibit the spread of the coronavirus, however, the reality was not the same. Now, the winter season has started rolling back in the country and with this new season, the experts and scientists have started warning about the possible worsening of the COVID-19 outbreak in the coming few months, and this time it’s not just speculation.


What scientists are saying?

It’s been around six months and there are several studies and intense researches about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is going on, all across the world. Now, experts have more information about this virus than they had earlier at the time of the outbreak. So, based on these studies, experts are saying that the COVID 19 virus, like several other respiratory viruses, thrive in cold and dry conditions and the winter season has started setting back in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, especially in countries like India, the USA, Brazil,  where the spread is not under control, the infection could worsen if proper precautionary steps are not taken at right time.


Winters and infection

Everyone knows that to curb or reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection one must maintain put their masks on, wash their hands regularly, maintain proper physical distance, and stay indoors. In winter people stay indoors, however, poor ventilation can increase the risk of infection. Not only COVID-19 but the chances of getting infected from other seasonal viruses like influenza also increase in winters.

How to deal with it?

In order to control the spread of the coronavirus, experts suggest that it can be reduced only if precautions are followed properly. These precautions include:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wear masks whenever you are outside or in a crowd
  • Avoid staying in poorly ventilated areas or rooms

Other precautions include increasing one’s immunity by eating vegetables, fruits, and other protein-rich foods.


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