Madras HC says Patanjali cannot use ‘Coronil’ trademark

On Thursday, the Madras High Court ruled against Baba Ramdev led Patanjali Ayurved in connection for using the brand name ‘Coronil’ to market the product which claims to cure the COVID, infected patients.


What Happened?

Last month, Ardura Engineering Private Limited, a Chennai-based company, had filed the petition against Patanjali Ayurved for using the trademark of ‘Coronil 92-B’. Arudra Engineering had registered the trademark for ‘Coronil’ in 1993 and the petitioner claimed that he has exclusive rights to the Coronil 92-B trademark till 2027.


The Madras High Court ruled in favor of petitioners and confirmed the injunction. The court passed the interim orders barring Patanjali from using the trademark of ‘Coronil’.

Commenting on the judgment, the high court said Patanjali Ayurved could have done a simple check with the Trademarks registry in order to check the brand name availability.

Justice Karthikeyan further explained his judgment and said “Patanjali Ayurved must realize there is no equity in trade and commerce. If they had not done a check with the Registry, then they are at fault. They cannot plead ignorance and innocence and seek indulgence from this court. Either way, indulgence is refused.”


The court further said if Patanjali Ayurved continues to sell the product under the brand name of ‘Coronil’ then they deserve no consideration at all.

Earlier also, after the petition, the Madras High Court had restrained Patanjali Ayurved from using the brand name till July 30.

Ardura’s Coronil 92-B v/s Patanjali’s Coronil

Coronil 92-B is an acid inhibitor cleansing product used for industrial cleaning, heavy machinery, and chemical preparations for industrial use while Patanjali’s Coronil is a drug that claims to cure the novel coronavirus infection.

One more SHOCK to Baba Ramdev

The court also observed that Baba Ramdev led Patanjali Ayurved is chasing after the profit by exploiting public fear, so the court also imposed a fine of Rs. 10 lakhs on Patanjali Ayurved for using and exploiting the panic and fear among the people.

Commenting on this judgment the court explained Patanjali Ayurved’s Coronil tablets are only immunity booster which helps in improving the body’s immunity against normal cold, cough, and fever and not against the coronavirus infection.

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