One Prominent Symptom that differentiates COVID-19 from Common Flu

COVID-19 and common flu have very similar kinds of symptoms and it becomes very difficult for oneself to differentiate between the two and to be the surprise of some, both of these diseases are caused by similar kinds of viruses. However, COVID-19 is much more dangerous sometimes, fatal, for the human body.


Cough and cold?

One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is cough and cold but all coughs and colds are not COVID-19. During any kind of viral infection the temperature of one’s body rises up but with COVID-19 one has to check with the sense of smell. This one symptom of loss of sense of smell and taste makes COVID-19


Do not ignore this symptom!

One must not ignore this loss of senses with that of common cough and cold as awareness and early detection of COVID-19 are one of the ways to aid speedy recovery and prevent complications.

What does this sudden loss of taste or smell mean?

The sudden loss of taste or smell is called anosmia, and it is one of the major symptoms that make COVID-19 distinguishable from the common cold. But what does this mean?


In a study conducted in the month of May, experts found out that nearly 60 percent of patients start suffering from anosmia because the virus starts invading the olfactory senses and disturbs its vital functioning during an infection. Loss of smell is something common between both symptomatic as well as asymptomatic patients.

Loss of smell is something very much particular in COVID-19 and this differentiates it from the common cold in COVID-19 loss of sense of smell or taste can occur without the existence of a stuffy or blocked nose.

About Study

While there’s still no conclusive evidence to suggest that loss of smell might be the only feature to look out for, experts in the study suggest that simple sniff tests at home apart from keeping an eye out for other typical COVID symptoms could help garner protection.


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