Maruti Suzuki reported a zero monthly domestic sale for the first time

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd also known as Maruti Udyog Ltd is an automobile manufacturer in India. Maruti Suzuki which is the country’s largest carmaker reported on Friday that zero domestic sales last month. That was the first time ever that Maruti Suzuki posted zero sales in a month in the domestic market. The company told all its production facilities were closed in compliance with the govt. orders. The country continues to remain lockdown to keep back the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic situation which has pushed the business into a standstill. By the way the company exported about 632 units from the Mundari port in April. While it’s closest rival Hyundai Motor India which exports sales of about 1,341 units and Mahindra also exported 733 units.


The carmaker suspended the operations from March 22 in line with orders from the govt. as India rushed to keep back the spread of the pandemic situation. On Friday morning the total cases in the country rose to 35,000 and above and with 1,147 deaths. The nationwide lockdown and shutdown has added more pressure on the auto industry of India that was struggling with a decreasing economy and lean demand.


As MSI told in a statement that, this was because in compliance with the Government orders all production facilities were closed. As The Company said the units were dispatched ensuring all safety guidelines.

The chairman of Maruti Suzuki RC Bhargava and M&M CEO and managing director Pawan Goenka have already told that they are about no hurry to start the production as it makes no sense to do the same due to dealerships are allowed to resume the operation. Production does not make any sense due to the companies and their respective dealers are already saddled with high inventories.

As already told by a senior executive from a Delhi-based car making company that there has never been a crisis made like this and none of them have been through this before anywhere else and no one will have a magic wand to make it all go away. It will be a long time before demand gets back on its feet.

The worldwide lockdown has added more pressure on the auto industry of india. President of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers Rajan Wadhera told that the auto industry would lose about Rs 2,300 crore turnovers every day due to this lockdown.

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