Russia Publishes the result of COVID 19 vaccine, weeks after approval


COVID 19 vaccine: Russian scientists have finally published the first results from early experiments of their Coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V which got approval from the government last month. The vaccine drew considerable criticism from home as well as other countries as the vaccine had been tested only on dozen of people and not widely administrated


Vaccine Report published In Lancet

On Friday, a report published in a journal Lancet, in which the developers of the vaccine has said that the vaccine is applied to be safe and prompt antibody response in all the 40 people tested in the second phase of the trial, within three weeks. Although, the observers noticed that the People tested were only monitored for 42 days and the study sample was so small that there was no chemical effect and no control vaccine was used.


A part of the safety trial only includes men which were in their 20s or 30s, so it is unclear to say how the vaccine may work in the elder population which are at the most risk from the COVID 19 virus.

International experts are very cautious about vaccine effectiveness and safety. But on Friday, the Russian developers were confident about their vaccine while Presenting the findings to the Reporters.

What do scientists claim about their vaccine?

Professor Alexander Ginsburg, director of the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute, developed the vaccine with the assistance of Russia’s Defense Ministry, told reporters that the vaccine triggers enough immune response to combat any imaginable dose infecting a person with COVID 19 virus.

Ginsburg said, “We are ready to claim that the vaccine’s protective effect will be detectable and remain at the proper level for two years or more than that.” without providing any evidence to the claim made.

According to the report published, the trials took place in the two Russian hospitals involving healthy adults aged between 18 to 60 years. They had to self isolate themselves after being registered in the trial program. They remained in the hospital for 28 days of the study after being vaccinated.


In the study, one part includes the frozen formulation of the vaccine while the other included freezing dried variation. According to the scientists, frozen variant for the current global vaccine chain supplies whereas freeze-dried can be used in hard to reach areas.

Russian scientists said that all the 40 participants produced a counteracting antibody response which is beneficial in blocking the infection. The vaccine also triggers a reaction in a body cell, which helps to destroy Cells that are damaged due to the virus.

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