Sweden Riots | All you need to know

Sweden Riots: Late on Friday, violence broke in Malmo – a city in southern Sweden where around 300 protesters gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities. According to the international media the protesters were involved in vandalism, stone pelting at the police and they also burnt car tyres.


What Happened?

Earlier on Friday, Rasmus Paludan the leader of Danish far-right political party Hard Line was denied permission to hold a meeting in Malmo about “Islamization in the Nordic countries”.


Rasmus Paludan was also stopped at the Swedish border where authorities also announced that he has been banned from entering Sweden for two years.

Calle Persson, spokesman for the Swedish police said: “We suspect that he was going to break the law in Sweden.” “There was also a risk that his behavior… would pose a threat to society.”

As a result of this denial, the members of his party burned a copy of the Quran in Malmo which turned a violent protest where around 300 people gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities.

Sweden Riots
Sweden Riots

Three of the Paludan’s supporters were also arrested for inciting racial hatred.

According to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Rasmus Paludan was invited to Sweden by a Swedish artist and provocateur Dan Park. Previously, Dan Mark has also been convicted of incitement against ethnic groups.

The newspaper also reported that it was rumored that the Quran would be burned in the meeting which was planned to hold in Malmo about “Islamization in the Nordic countries”.

The sources also informed that on Friday many anti-Muslim activities took place in Malmo, including three men kicking a copy of the Quran between them in a public square.

Who is Rasmus Paludan?

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and politician. He is also the founder of the far-right party Stam Kurs. He founded this party in 2017.

Rasmus Paludan and his party is also noticed on YouTube for making anti-Muslim videos where several anti-Muslim contents like the burning of the Quran wrapped in bacon are seen.


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