The US gives 60 day H-1B Visa holders and Green card applicants

By seeing the major relief for immigrants from countries like India the U.S. government given a finesse period of 60 days to H-1B Visa holders and Green Card applicants, who have been served notices for submission of various documents in view of the massive novel coronavirus pandemic situation in America.
The USCIS announced on Friday that the 60 day finesse period will include requests for evidence, continuations to request evidence (N-14), notices of intent to deny, notices of intent to revoke, notices of intent to rescind and notices of intent to terminate regional investment centers, and filing date requirements for Form I-290B. The statement is given like this – “USCIS will consider a response to the above requests and notices received within 60 calendar days after the response due date set in the request or notice before taking action”.




Basically H-1B is a non-immigrant visa thaat the authorization given by the US government for a foreign worker to come to the US to work for a US company.The technology companies depend upon it to rent tens of thousands of employees annually from countries like India and China. Moving towards green card, a Green Card is officially known as a Permanent Resident Card that is a document issued to immigrants to the US as evidence that the bearer has been granted the privilege of residing permanently.
The relaxation comes in view of the corona virus outbreak which first surfaced in China’s Wuhan city in December last. So far, this virus claimed over 65,000 lives in the US and over 235,000 lives globally. According to the repport, in financial year 2019, Indian nationals received 9,008 category-1 (EB1), 2,908 category-2 (EB2), and 5,083 category-3 (EB3) green cards. EB1-3 are different categories of employment-based green cards.
The statement was like this – “USCIS is adopting several measures to guard our workforce and community and to minimise the immigration consequences for those seeking immigration benefits during this time” .

In this April, President US Donald Trump had said that he was suspending immigration for positive identification appliers for 60 days that might help Americans find work again after the vital situation of corona virus amid the worldwide lockdown. With more than 50,000 fatalities in the U.S. , Trump told his move would help Americans who lost their jobs during the current lockdown and shutdown as it has been a key issue to his conservative base.
As likely Indians are the single largest group of H-1B visa holders accounting for nearly 74 per cent of all visas and of course several Indian technology companies rely on the H-1B workforce to operate in the US.

Moreover fearing layoffs in US due to this Corona virus crisis that is hitting so many businesses around the world, foreign technology professionals on H-1B visas that most sought after among Indians, had demanded the Trump administration extend their permissible post job loss limit to stay in the U.S. from 60 to 180 days. The current federal rules require an H-1B visa holder to leave the US along with their family members within 60 days for losing their job.


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