UN report says achieving Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger by 2030 may not be possible

Keeping 2030 as the target year the UN has launched 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform the world. Among all the other 17 SDGs, Zero Hunger is goal number- 2, launched in the year 2012. Zero Hunger aims to eliminate all types of hunger and malnutrition from the world by the end of 2030. However, in the recent report titled State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2020, UN has warned that achieving Zero Hunger by the end of 2030 is quite impossible as the report evaluates that in 2019 globally, 690 million people were suffering from extreme hunger, 10 million more than the last year.


Sustainable Development Goal: The coronavirus outbreak has not come alone, it is bringing worldwide recession with it. This double trouble will worsen the situation, the report warned. It further revealed that 130 million more people are suffering from chronic hunger in 2020.



2019 Data

In 2019 Asia stood as the hungriest continent of the world with 381 million hungry people.

Africa was placed in the second position with 250 million hungry people. UN further estimates that by the end of 2030 Africa will account for more than half of the world’s hungry people.

Followed by Latin America and the Caribbean both backed third place with 48 million hungry people.

UN: Lowest-Cost Healthy Meal

On average, the lowest-cost healthy meal costs for more than $1.90 which is more than the international poverty threshold. Just because of the cost value around 3 billion people of the world are unable to afford it. Thus, worsening the situation.

UN: Hunger amongst Children

Hunger amongst children is not only a problem of the present but also for the future as children are the future of this world.

As per the report, around 191 million children below the age of 5 are hungry and malnourished. However, in India, the record of below-five undernourishment decreased down from 21.7% in 2004-06 to 14% in 2017-19 but experts fear that this pandemic may erode the progress.

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