20 Year Old Man Has Arrested For The Murder Of Former News 4 Employee

SAN ANTONIO – A man has been captured for the September 25, 2021 homicide of previous News4 worker, Christopher Olivarez.


Olivarez, 40 was seen as cut to death outside his Southside home with his vehicle missing.


As per the San Antonio Police Department, an individual approached and gave a name of a likely suspect. That is when Sebastian Hernandez, 20 was taken in for an explanation and gave a DNA test.

At that point, police says that they needed more proof to make a capture, so he was delivered. The DNA anyway was shipped off to the labs, where it was announced that the DNA test matched the DNA proof from the crime location, remembering for the weapon.

“He’s been agreeable with our analysts” said Sgt. Washington Moscoso. “I wasn’t there for the cross examination. He’s asserting his honesty yet our analysts had sufficient reasonable justification and enough proof to accuse him of homicide.”

Police say that Hernandez is the main suspect and individual of interest. They likewise referenced that Hernandez and Olivarez were colleagues.

“They knew one another yet I won’t get into what their relationship was nevertheless they were associates at the hour of the homicide,” Moscoso said.

Hernandez was accused of homicide.