Best F1 Track This is going to be the biggest race of the year

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is going to be the biggest race: The Dutch Grand Prix, which had been absent from the calendar since 1985, made its F1 debut in 2021, but in our opinion, it has already cemented a place among the top 10. The banked corners at Turn 3 and Turn 14 offer something that no other current F1 track offers, and the reprofiled circuit is as traditional as they get.

This is going to be the biggest race

Additionally, the people are some of the most ardent supporters on the planet, and the scenes in 2021 when hometown favourite Max Verstappen won the race were incredible.


Toronto, Canada

Another enduring event on the F1 calendar is the Canadian Grand Prix, which moved around before settling in 1978 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (though it was known as Circuit Ile Notre-Dame for a while first). The track is situated on a man-made island, is encircled by water, and the area’s climate ensures that rain is never far away. A wet grand Prix is among the most thrilling events.

Many would contend that the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix, which included stoppages for severe rain and lasted more than four hours, was the best F1 race ever held there. Jenson Button advanced from last place to the top step of the podium.

Italy’s Monza

Since F1’s start in 1950, the Italian Grand Prix has always been held in Monza, with the one exception of 1980, when renovation work briefly moved the race to Imola. The configuration has changed significantly since then, but now it is the fastest F1 track of them all, with 70% of the lap being completed at full power. Lewis Hamilton set the fastest lap in Formula One history here in 2020, securing pole with an average speed of 164.267 mph. Yowzer.

The ‘DRS train’ phenomena are to blame for the race’s tendency to be a little bit professional these days. It is still a really difficult track, and there is always a tonne of Tifosi (local Ferrari fans) there. Bellissimo.

This is going to be the biggest race


With the second event in Miami and a third in Las Vegas in 2023, F1 is starting to figure out the USA. With an intriguing configuration that offers drivers a multitude of passing possibilities throughout the lap, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas is by far the greatest circuit of the three.

With a variety of A-listers in the paddock and cowboy hats for the podium finishers, the Grand Prix weekend also has its distinct atmosphere. Austin, keep it odd.

the Austrian Red Bull Ring

The Austrian Grand Prix has a lengthy history in Formula One, and although being removed from the schedule in 2004, it was reinstated as a permanent location in 2014. In reality, it saved F1 in 2020 when the season was cut short and couldn’t start until the summer: the Red Bull Ring staged the season’s opening race and then held a second race a week later while posing as the Styrian GP.

The nine-corner short track consistently produces an exciting race with plenty of overtaking opportunities and changing weather. The hillside setting is also really magnificent. Not a Miami parking lot

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