Employees Think So Bill Cummings Boston’s Best Boss?

Bill Cummings Boston’s Best Boss? : As of late, I composed an article on Bill Cummings-the Boston tycoon who has sworn to offer his fortune. Through his establishment, the Cummings Foundation, he has granted more than $375 million in awards to non-benefits in Greater Boston.


Cummings and his group read the article, connected, and benevolently consented to respond to certain inquiries for a future article I am composing. In my cooperation, the staff of Cummings Properties loves their association and how strong and practical, Cummings is.


This was additionally repeated for the current week when Cummings made an extraordinary declaration.

The Gas Stipend

Numerous Americans are feeling the strain of rising expansion and the expansion at the expense of gas. Indeed, even extremely rich people.

Charge Cummings was at the service station as of late topping off his little vehicle and was shocked it cost $74 to fill the tank. While he could bear the cost of this, he was worried about the effect this might have on others, particularly his representatives.

So he chose to take care of business.

Cummings presented a gas payment for all representatives of Cummings Properties.

For each hour they work until December 31, they will get an additional dollar each hour. That implies an extra $40 each week for most representatives. Also, as one representative told me, it has been profoundly valued by staff.

Bill told me, “there are not many things more agreeable than offering enormous amounts of cash to commendable associations.” It appears he additionally appreciates offering cash to representatives.

Perusers, what is your take on the gas payment presented by Bill Cummings? How are different associations in Boston helping their staff considering rising expansion?

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