Here’s How to Get Help When Security Loses in Virginia’s Pandemic Evictions

How to Get Help When Security Loses in Virginia's

How to Get Help When Security Loses in Virginia’s

How to Get Help When Security Loses in Virginia’s: Less protection from eviction will be available to renters in Hampton Roads starting on Friday.


Norfolk, Virginia Many people in Hampton Roads who are already struggling to make ends meet are facing yet another challenge as they prepare to pay their rent for the following month on Friday.


Tenants are more at risk of losing their homes now that the COVID epidemic eviction safeguards have expired, according to Pam Shine of the Virginia Beach Housing and Neighborhood Prevention department.

Landlords may now give tenants a five-day notice to pay past-due rent as of July 1. Landlords with at least five properties were initially required by the state to provide tenants who were overdue on their rent with a payment plan. Now, that defence is no longer there.

Many locals are unsure of what will happen next as a result of this move, but according to Shine, there are methods to receive assistance before things deteriorate via Virginia Beach’s Housing Resource Center.

Anyone who has fallen behind on their rent can be referred to a screener, according to Shine, because “we do have an ongoing preventive programme where we assist those who have gotten into that circumstance.” “We proceed to that point where we try to get you where you are not facing eviction,” if you fit the criteria for financial aid.

The Norfolk Eviction Prevention Center’s Aarian Daniels said it’s simply one more challenge her team must overcome to assist clients.

According to Daniels, “If you have the heart to serve, you have the heart to want to help. “Through the Eviction Prevention Center, we will begin to connect with property managers and landlords to identify residents at danger of eviction and give resources,” the company said.

How to Get Help When Security Loses in Virginia’s

The best thing you can do, she advised, in addition to calling her programme for assistance, is to be organised.

“When you get into financial difficulties, attempt to learn about all the resources that are at your disposal. Try to be as proactive as you can rather than waiting until it is too late.

This summer, some MPs predict a surge of evictions. According to U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, having adequate affordable housing is a key component of the solution.

Bottom line: There is a lack of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income families, and if local, state, and federal action isn’t taken, there will likely be a large increase in evictions and a significant increase in homelessness, according to Kaine.

According to him, it begins with providing cheap housing and passing new legislation, like his proposed Fair Housing Improvement Act of 2022, to reduce the likelihood of eviction.

I have a proposal that would amend the Federal Fair Housing Act to make it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their source of income, as many low-income people are eligible for the Section 8 voucher programme, but some landlords claim they don’t accept these vouchers, Kaine said.

The best action tenants may take at the moment, according to Daniels & Shine, is to comprehend their present lease in its entirety. This will enable tenants to ascertain whether their landlord is unlawfully issuing an eviction notice.

In May, new applications for Virginia’s Rent Relief Program, which forbids landlords from evicting renters for at least 45 days, were no longer accepted.

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