Kaori marries flavors to cook the taste of the city of Miami

taste of the city of Miami

taste of the city of Miami

taste of the city of Miami: At Kaori Miami, located inside the SLS Lux Brickell, there are two layers of flair and substance.


The cuisine is described by renowned chef Raymond Li as “Mediter-Asian,” a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian flavours.


The chic bar and cocktail lounge below has Kaori’s well-known music selections to get people moving while they enjoy speciality drinks.

A warm and inviting dining area with plenty of space is located upstairs.

It is understated, which also represents our dishes. There is a lot of diverse blending going on, but the flavours are clean and contemporary with a traditional back end,” Li remarked.

Chef Li is an authentic chef. He expertly prepares and serves meals that appeal to both the palate and the eye. He attributes his love of discovering new cuisines to his multicultural upbringing; his mother is Colombian and his father is Cuban-Chinese.

I’m pleased that I’ve been able to develop my palate and comprehend more than what I grew up eating because I’m also a food enthusiast and information seeker, said Li.

He expertly and creatively prepared three sample meals for Lisa Petrillo of CBS4 with chef Jorge.

I first served a bluefin tuna Crudo with Kalamansi Tosazu, followed by crunchy quinoa, pickled Florida strawberries, and an avocado and yuzu mousse.

This bluefin tuna is truly exceptional. It’s not like any sushi restaurant would sell it. I adore the crunch from the quinoa on top and all of the unpronounceable tastes. “This dish is amazing,” declared Petrillo.

The following dish is smoked Chinese eggplant topped with Marcona almonds, fennel pollen, and harissa makhmara.

Crispy and delicately smoky. There are so many exquisite flavours and textures. Although fancy, it is not imposing. Just fine,” Petrillo remarked.

And lastly, a seven-spiced Australian Wagyu skirt steak drizzled with a truffle- and shitake-infused “magic sauce.

Together, the flavours mesh. There is a lot here. Nothing rivals it. Everything merely complements one another. One of the best-prepared skirt steaks I’ve ever had, according to Petrillo.

Only for dinner, Tuesday through Sunday, is Kaori open. Later this summer, brunch is anticipated.

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