The sole cause of fire in a Virginia Beach apartment was dumped smoking material

The sole cause of fire in a Virginia Beach

The sole cause of fire in a Virginia Beach: The 1600 block of Hiawatha Drive was the scene of a two-alarm fire, according to a tweet from the fire department.


Virginia Beach on July 22, 2012 UPDATE: According to a city representative, this fire’s cause was determined to be an accident that began with improperly disposed of smoking materials.


A Virginia Beach apartment complex caught fire on Thursday afternoon, displacing twenty people.

The 1600 block of Hiawatha Drive was the location of the fire. That is the Acredale neighbourhood’s Indian Lakes Apartment complex.

A Virginia Beach Fire spokeswoman reported that a call for assistance came in at 4:15 PM.

Images that viewers sent to 13NewsNow showed flames spewing enormous plumes of smoke into the atmosphere.

Four of the 16 impacted apartments are a total loss, according to VBFD. There are 20 displaced persons.

According to VBFD, two firefighters were sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. At the site, two police officers who had inhaled smoke received medical attention.

On Thursday, Chuckie Bolen received some unfavourable information. He resides in the burning structure.

The sole cause of fire in a Virginia Beach

According to Bolen, his lease expires at the end of July. He purchased a home and intended to make the transfer over the following month.

“I don’t know what damage is or if there is anything recoverable in there, and it might take a toll on us,” he added. “Everything alters it a lot.”

This apartment building has experienced serious fires in the past.

It is the third in two years, including a fire in July 2020 that caused more than 30 families to lose their homes.

“We moved in aware of the two fires, which were spread across the complex. And I never imagined that we would have to handle it,” Bolen said.

In addition, one crate-bound dog was saved and given back to its owner.

It took around 20 minutes to put out the fire.

The apartment manager is assisting those who are being relocated, according to a Virginia Beach Fire official, and the Red Cross may also get involved.

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