Environmental reporter for WLRN, Miami’s World Cup, concerns about solar power and wildlife

World Cup events and Miami Gardens
World Cup events and Miami Gardens

World Cup events and Miami Gardens

World Cup events and Miami Gardens: Local soccer supporters are achieving their hopes.


One of the 11 U.S. locations that will host at least soccer matches during the 2026 World Cup in South Florida.


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Specifically, Miami Gardens will host the following: The Hard Rock Stadium will host the games.

Miami Gardens Mayor Rodney Harris spoke with Sundial on Thursday to discuss the kind of recognition, media attention, and financial rewards the city hopes to receive for hosting an event of this magnitude. He emphasised the importance of the city receiving some love in contrast to broadcasters’ preference for highlighting Miami.

We’re glad to be seated at the table right now. The main thing I want to do as mayor is making sure Miami Gardens is represented at the table when big events are discussed or taken into consideration to take place here,” he said. “Because the event doesn’t take place in Miami; it takes place in Miami Gardens. Therefore, we must participate in all conversations and economic operations that concern our interests.

“The prospect excites us. And one of those exceptional occasions is FIFA. It is an internationally recognised event. We’ve reached a stage where we’ve become somewhat accustomed to handling these kinds of incidents. We now see that it will benefit not only Miami Gardens but also the area around us “said he. “We’ll see to it that,”

your inquiries about solar energy

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Florida is one of the top solar energy producers, directly after California and Texas.

To learn more about solar energy, including how it operates, how much it costs, and other questions the public may have, Sundial is sponsoring a series.

The sundial was joined by Laura Tellez, the South Florida Program Coordinator for Solar United Neighbors, to address questions from the audience. The nonprofit group has been active in Broward County, helping to persuade locals to invest in renewable energy.

The WLRN environment reporter covers wildlife on Thursday.

Today, on Wildlife Thursday, we’ll discuss a variety of animals from the land, the air, and the water.

Jenny Staletovich, an environmental reporter for WLRN, visited Sundial to discuss the countless birds that migrate through our skies as the seasons change, python surgery, and a creature that is frequently disregarded.

HINT: If you come too close, it could hurt you. It functions as an underwater housekeeper.

We’re talking about sea urchins, which could be a crucial component in preserving our coral reefs.

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